Hi There!

My name is Kirsten: English graduate, unemployed, baker, reader, philosopher, fiancee, aspiring tea-room owner.

I live in Glasgow and spend a hell of a lot of my time reading. What I discovered after having a read a certain amount of books however, is that I needed people to share them with; people to talk to and share my opinions about them with.
I couldn’t do it with my fiancĂ© as he is currently working through a series and has no time to read the books I do, and nobody else in my vicinity is a big reader, so I decided to create a blog.

Here you will find reviews of books I have read (past and present), and maybe even the occasional film review as one of my favourite classes at University was Adaptations. Sometimes my thoughts will not be coherently formed (as I have a tendency to verbal vomit), and my opinions may be unorthodox. However, I hope whatever I make of the books I read will encourage at least one person to pick up a book- reading is a treasure, especially in this era of technology!

I hope you like my blog, and if you’re into baking/cooking be sure to check out my other one too:

Happy Reading! xxx


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